Ron Paul – The Revolution: A Manifesto – Page 1 through Page 7

Page 1: American politics is a regimen of false choices. Which country should we have a war with? What type of social programs should the government institute? How should we be taxed? Nobody asks whether the government should be doing any of these things in the first place. As a result, politicians and government officials from different parties don’t really have any disagreements on core issues, even though they pretend to.

Quote: “And so every four years we are treated to the same tired, predictable routine: two candidates with few disagreements on fundamentals pretend that they represent dramatically different philosophies of government.”

Page 2: Politicians tend to focus on minor issues while completely ignoring issues of prime importance. Even war doesn’t separate the two parties. Many democrats including Hilary Clinton and John Kerry voted for the war in Iraq. Regardless, democratic voters are told that they must support these candidates. The conservative movement is very different now than it was originally. It was once a very intellectual movement. Now it seems to encourage anti-intellectualism and the fear of foreigners. Only on a grass roots level are conservatives true the original charter.

Quote: “A substantial portion of the conservative movement has become a parody of its former self. Once home to distinguished intellectuals and men of letters, it now tolerates and even encourages anti-intellectualism and jingoism that would have embarrassed earlier generations of conservative thinkers.”

Page 3: Republicans aren’t actually opposed to big government. In 1994 the Republicans took over a majority in the House of Representatives. Columnist Bill Kristol urged Republicans to wait until there was a Republican president in 1996 before taking any serious actions. The Republican candidate didn’t win in 1996 so nothing got done. The Republicans offered up the Contract with America which was not the serious overhaul of government it was touted as. The Democrats are just as bad. They consider themselves to be serious thinkers but their confidence in government cannot be taken seriously. They are inconsistent on foreign policy, supporting wars when Democrats are in power and opposing them when a Republican is in the white house. On a grass roots level, however, the left has been strung out to dry by politicians who abandon their rhetoric when they are in power.

Quote: “The Contract with America was typical of what I have just described: no fundamental questions are ever raised, and even supposedly radical and revolutionary measures turn out to be modest and safe. In fact, the Brookings Institution in effect said that if this is what the conservatives consider revolutionary, then they have basically conceded defeat.”

Page 4: Ron Paul wasn’t sure that were enough people interested in liberty and the constitution for a presidential run to be worthwhile. On November 5, 2007 he raised a record setting $4 million in a single day online. On December 16, 2007 he broke his own record by raising $6 million online in a single day.  The coalition of supporters is incredibly diverse and ranges across all races and religions.

Page 5: The reason why all of these groups could come together is simple. Freedom has the power to unite us. Dr. Paul’s message is a message of individual rights. Violence can only be used defensively. Rational people must attempt to achieve their goals through reasoning and persuasion, not threats and violence. Opposing big government is primarily a moral position. Government is force, not reason. These are the traditional philosophical positions of the Republican party, especially of its one-time leader, Robert A. Taft.

Quote: “When we agree not to treat each other merely as means to our own selfish ends, but to respect one another as individuals with rights and goals of our own, cooperation and goodwill suddenly become possible for the first time.”

Quote: “We should respect each other as rational beings by trying to achieve our goals through reason and persuasion rather than threats and coercion. That and not a desire for economic efficiency is the primary moral reason for opposing government intrusions into our lives: government is force, not reason.”

Page 6: Robert A. Taft was also against unnecessary and unconstitutional wars. Nowadays it is considered revolutionary to debate whether the government should have troops 130 countries. It is revolutionary to debate whether a non-interventionist foreign policy would be better. It is revolutionary to debate whether more power in the hands of the federal government is good for us. The principals of the founding fathers were: liberty, self-government, the Constitution, and a non-interventionist foreign policy.

Quote (Robert A. Taft): “When I say liberty I do not simply mean what is referred to as “free enterprise”. I mean liberty of the individual to think his own thoughts and live his own life as he desires to think and live; the liberty of the family to decide how they wish to live, what they want for breakfast and dinner, and how they wish to spend their time; liberty of a man to develop his ideas and get other people to teach those ideas, if he can convince them that they have some value to the world; liberty of every local community to decide how its children shall be educated, how its local services shall be run and who its leaders shall be; liberty of a man to choose his own occupation; liberty of a man to run his own business as he thinks it ought to be run, as long as he does not interfere with the right of other people to do the same thing.

Page 7: This book was written to give members of the freedom movement a  systematic manifesto.  The country is facing terrible economic problems because these ideas are not allowed to be discussed openly in public forums.

Quote: “Our country is facing an unprecedented financial crises precisely because the questions our political and media establishments allow us to ask are so narrow. Whether or not politicians actually want to hear them, it has never been more important for us to begin posing significant and fundamental questions.”


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