Ron Paul – The Revolution: A Manifesto – Page 34 through Page 35

Page 34: US policy towards Israel should be to offer them the same open friendship that the founders suggested we offer to every nation. We should not provide Israel, or any other nation, foreign aid. This would mean cutting off foreign aid to Israel and Israel’s enemies. Israel’s enemies, taken as a whole, receive more aid than Israel does. Foreign aid should be discontinued because it is immoral to take money from a taxpayer against their will and send the money to a foreign country. It should also be discontinued because many studies have shown that foreign aid is terribly counterproductive.

Quote: “That means I also favor discontinuing foreign aid to governments that are actual or potential enemies of Israel, which taken together receive much more American aid than Israel does. Giving aid to both sides has understandably made many average Israelis and American Jews conclude that the American government is hypocritically hedging its bets.” 

Quote: “Moreover, since the aid has to be spent on products made by American corporations, it is really just a form of corporate welfare, which I can never support.”

Page 35: Foreign aid to Israel is bad for the Israeli economy. The Israeli economy is riddled with a large and inefficient military bureaucracy. This is caused by the insistence of the American government that American foreign aid be used for military spending. The Israeli economy may be better suited to produce something else besides a military establishment. However, only a free economy would reveal what they should produce. It is difficult to free up the economy when the country is receiving billions annually to keep the economy the way it is. The American government also interferes with Israel’s freedom to form their own foreign policy. Israel must run every foreign policy decision by the US government to see if the US will support Israeli plans. Israel has hundreds of nuclear weapons and is perfectly capable of defending themselves against an attack from any enemy without the help of the US government. US foreign policy is bankrupting the US government.

Quote: “It is an open secret that Israel’s military industry is inefficient and top-heavy with bureaucracy, shortcomings that consistent American aid obviously encourages.”

Quote: “Israel seeks American approval for military action she deems necessary, she consults with America on matters pertaining to her own borders, and she even seeks American approval for peace talks with her neighbors-approval that is not always forthcoming. This needs to stop.”


2 Responses to Ron Paul – The Revolution: A Manifesto – Page 34 through Page 35

  1. Alliene Wood says:

    I really like what Ron Paul has to say, but I wish he would have elaborated more. I wish he would have cited some of the studies he refers to, that concludes that foreign aid was harmful, not helpful, because when I blog about such things, people ask me, ‘how do you know this?’ or ‘you know this how?’ I can’t answer, ‘I read it in Ron Paul’s book Revolution’ because I’m addressing Ron Paul haters. Where can I have the information that Ron Paul has?

    • You should check out the reading list at the back of the book. My lifetime goal is to do page by page summaries of every book on that list. Also, with regard to foreign aid he specifically mentions the work of Peter Bauer of the London School of Economics in The Revolution. Look into it and blog about it. Whats your blog site? I’d love to check it out.

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