Ron Paul – The Revolution: A Manifesto – Page 157 through Page 162

Page 157: Some people hold the philosophy that human beings don’t care about freedom. All they care about is being fed, clothed, and entertained. That is false. As an example, the American Revolution would not have been possible unless the majority of Americans cared deeply about freedom. Contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of Americans supported the war for independence from Great Britain.  

Page 158: Liberty isn’t given a fighting chance in American society. Many young people today don’t even know what liberty means and how it relates to American history. They get excited when they hear about it for the first time. There is a great battle of ideas taking place and the best way to fight the battle is to learn about liberty. If a true supporter of liberty ever becomes president, there are few things such a person must embrace. An attitude change must take place regarding what the role of government should be. The United States government should not be looked at as the policeman of the world. Also, the notion that the government should take care of us from the day we are born until the day that we die should be completely done away with.  

Quote: “We are engaged in a great battle of ideas, and the choices before us could not be clearer. I urge those who agree with this important message to educate themselves in the scholarship of liberty.”

Page 159: The United States government borrows $2.2 billion everyday to finance the welfare/warfare state. Most of that money comes from China and Japan. It is unrealistic to believe that foreign countries will continue to finance American profligacy. This is especially true becasuse the dollar denominated bonds that they hold continue to lose thier value due to Federal Reserve money printing. Once foreign countries pull the plug, reality will come crashing down upon us. To grow out of our debt problems, our economy would have to grow at double digit rates for 75 years in a row. Even though politicians don’t like to talk about it, our current way of life is going to come to an end. The good news is that more and more Americans are becoming aware of the problems and are willing to face these problems with wisdom and fortitude.

Quote: “They hope and believe that the American people are too foolish, uninformed, and shortsighted to be concerned, and that they can be soothed with pleasant slogans and empty promises of more loot.”

Page 160: In the short run, all government programs need not be abolished immediately. Domestic social programs should be funded by scaling back our overseas military committments. People who have learned to be dependent on government programs should be eased off, not thrown out into the street. However, the goal should be to eliminate many government programs entirely. Our guide for which programs to eliminate should be the constitution. Many of these programs are insolvent in any event. Social Security recipients have planned their lives according to the promises they received from the government. Thier benefits should continue. The government should not, however, be able to borrow money from the Social Security trust fund. As it stands now, there is no money in the trust fund, it has all been borrowed.

Quote: “Current workers are not building up a Social Security nest egg for themselves; they are giving their money to current recipients and hoping there will be enough workers to support them when they reach retirement age.” 

Page 161: Young people should have the right to opt out of Social Security. Current Social Security benefits should be financed by scaling back overseas expenditures. If we are truly in favor of shrinking the size of government we must cut military bureaucracies as well as welfare bureaucracies. The budgets of every major federal department should be immediately frozen. Except for the department of State and the department of Justice, almost all federal departments deal with issues that the constitution leaves up to the various states. Federal bureaucrats should no longer be able to get rich off of these unconstitutional powers.

Quote: “If we really oppose Big Government, we cannot make an artificial exception for bloated military bureaucracies, which traditional budget-minded conservatives never hesitated to look at seriously as a source of potential savings.”

Page 162: We no longer have the resources to support so many government programs. The only thing holding the American people back is a fear of the unknown. They no longer know what its like to be free. For example, we don’t need a federal department of education. Americans can certainly figure out how to educate their children without the help of the federal government. For most of the twentieth century, when there was no federal department of education, the population was much better educated. Cutting these programs would strengthen the dollar which would be a boon for the lower and middle classes. Americans should once again have the freedom to conduct transactions in any money they see fit.

Quote: “It is only our intellectual inertia and lack of imagination that makes us think these departments necessary in the first place.”


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