Give Liberty A Chance

America was to be the land of the free; a nation where individuals could enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. A new government was created to protect these rights. To obtain their independence, the people of the United States fought and won a war against the mightiest empire on earth.

The colonists and their forefathers had hundreds of years of first hand experience with government oppression. Local governments were put under the authority of royal bureaucrats. Taxes were imposed arbitrarily whenever the crown was in need of funds. Young Americans were conscripted to fight and die in wars of imperial conquest. Troops harassed and imposed upon the citizenry. Royalists attempted again and again to impose Church of England Christianity as the legal religion in their territory.

Finally, the British pushed the Americans too far. They were sick and tired of having their lives depend on the whims of a far off master. Why should they be forced to give the fruits of their labor to a group of people that would just harass them in return?

Sure, the British did provide them with certain services. The powerful British military did provide some protection against Spanish and French aggression in the area. British shipping took American goods  to distant markets and brought back exotic wares for American enjoyment. The British provided the colonists with high quality manufactured goods as well.

In spite of the benefits that the colonists got from the British government, they opted for secession from the motherland. Liberty beckoned. Tears weren’t shed for the government services they would lose. Rather, knowledge of the great benefits of liberty drove them forward.

The gamble paid off. Untethered from having to support the king and his minions, and from having to obey capricious regulations, the new country flourished. Human energy was released on a scale never seen before in history.

A country of farmers become an industrial power house in an astonishingly short period of time. Engineers and entrepreneurs produced marvels. The barriers to entry were low for new business. A lax regulatory structure and low taxes provided the perfect environment for ingenuity.  Business made profits by bringing more and better goods to market.

The people of country benefited tremendously from these new circumstances. For the people themselves owned the companies. On the one hand they made profits. On the other, they had exciting new goods and services to buy with their hard earned money.

Liberty had birthed its inevitable offspring.

Somewhere along the line though, Americans lost their way. They abandoned their birth right. They forgot their heritage. They allowed their liberty to be taken from them.

In this world, there will always be those who strive to rule over us. Such people desire to make their riches the easy way: by taking it from the people who earned it. Instead of serving their fellow man and receiving compensation in return, these schemers aim to get the money without doing the work.

However, physically taking something from a person can be a difficult task. Especially when the people have muskets in their houses. No, a more subtle plan had to be hatched. The people needed to be convinced to give up the goods of their own accord.

In America, the poor could work their way out of poverty. There was no caste system; no divine rights; no glass ceiling. Each and every person could get rich and work their way up the social latter. It might take a couple of generations for a family to get themselves out of their whole. This was a blessing. In other countries, the poor were destined to never escape their lot in life.

Given the rapid growth of the economy in America, everybody was getting richer. The poor were less poor than before. The number of poor people was shrinking. The standard of living was improving for all. After all, we live in a world of scares resources. It takes time to produce wealth for millions of people.

Into this situation stepped the power seekers. Public intellectuals were recruited to convince citizens that they shouldn’t have to wait or work for all of their dreams to come true. Government action could expedite the process. After all, there were plenty of rich people out there weren’t there? All they needed to do was take resources from the rich and spread it around. This way everybody could enjoy the same high standard of living.

This struck the poor and down trodden of the country as reasonable. After all, who doesn’t want something for nothing? What did they have to do get in on the deal? It was really quite simple, they just had to vote the power seekers into office and permit them to pass some laws. As long as they were in office, they’d be champions of the poor.

With this mandate from the people, our ambitious power brokers got to work. They told the rich “You’re either with us or your against us.” Those that went with the program and provided funds to delude the masses got laws passed in their favor. Those that rebelled were left behind.

Little by little, the people gave up their liberties. In the name of progress, their lives were made worse. In the name of a rising standard of living, they were impoverished. Regular people are worked to the bone so that the rich and powerful don’t have to.

Of course, the powerful kept providing services but the services got worse and worse. The people don’t realize that the game isn’t actually being played on their behalf. Its a facade, a ruse, a deception.

Once again, Americans spread out in far flung places find themselves being overtaxed and harassed. The fruits of their labor are being sent back to the motherland so that the elites can feast.

Let’s give liberty a another chance. It’s track record is stellar. Our station in life will once again be determined by how well we serve our fellow man. Everybody’s standard of living will rise. We’ll all be more prosperous.

Don’t believe the promises that we can have something for nothing. Its a trick. The country has gotten worse under this paradigm.  We’ve given up our birthright and are worse off in every sense because of it.

Give liberty a chance.



One Response to Give Liberty A Chance

  1. It certainly is one of the greatest deceptions in the history of the world. People have become convinced that the only road to equality and widespread prosperity was putting their own lives in the hands of elite government officials. Those who spread the lie have said that capitalism puts regular people at the mercy of the rich, and the fear they spread blinds the people. The people cannot see that putting the government in charge of their lives is the same forfeit of liberty as the scenario those conspirators supposedly stand against. Fear has blinded our world to capitalism and the truest form of liberty. Years of brainwashing by the entertainment industry has made them incapable of understanding how the process of capitalism can possibly lead to less poor and more freedom. If we wish to keep our liberty and for that matter our lives, we cannot wallow in the fear spread upon us. We have to live with hope for the future, with faith for our leaders and with trust in the people, or else all is lost. We can never stop working for the liberty that our founders envisioned. We owe it to ourselves. We owe it to the world.

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