Peace and Free Markets: A Recipe for Success

The economy is not recovering. High unemployment persists. The Dow Jones Industrial Average continues to cycle up to around 12,000 and then back down to 11,000. On January 14, 2000, it was at 11,723. More than 40 million people are on food stamps. 1 in 100 Americans are in jail, mostly for non-violent crimes. Students are graduating from College with an average of over $20,000 in debt. The federal government is adding $1.5 trillion in new national debt every year. State and municipal governments are verging on default.

All indicators are that our current economic system doesn’t work very well. Such statistics are an indictment of our mixed economy at home and our empire abroad. Excessive government involvement in regulating the economy stifles growth, innovation, and productivity; the lack of which leads to unemployment. To shift scarce resources away from peaceful uses is to waste them.

Defending our homeland from foreign invasion is a peaceful use of resources. By repulsing invaders, we keep the peace. We allow workers to work, children to be raised, capital to be accumulated, and life to improve. Spending money on drones to shoot missiles at poor people in the third world is a waste. Every dollar that is spent on blowing stuff up is a dollar that can’t be spent on feeding somebody.

Just take a look at what happened recently in Iran. We lost a stealth spy drone to the Iranian military while spying on them. Those drones cost tens of millions of dollars to manufacture. That is enough to employ hundreds of people. While spying on Iran helps almost nobody to live a more comfortable life, hundreds of people just picking up trash off the street or painting houses would make our lives better. Every dollar spent on non peaceful purposes makes us poorer.

Many argue that a free market economy makes the rich richer and the poor poorer. There is no empirical evidence to support that claim. There hasn’t been a true free market economy anywhere on the earth for us to observe. On the other hand, we have had a good number of totalitarian governments. Under communism or national socialism there was no free market whatsoever. The government had complete say so over the use of resources. People starved to death, froze to death, or died from disease by the millions.

In many countries, including the United States, government is far from totalitarian. As a result, our economies are much better than communist economies were. It should be obvious that the further an economy moves from being a command economy, the better things get. When government starts interfering to much, things get worse. The historical record shows this clearly.

A rising tide lifts all ships. When the overall economy is improving, everybody’s lives improve.

There will always be rich people. Even in communist countries there were rich people. Free market economies churn out rich people. More and more millionaires are created all the time. Under a dictatorship, monarchy, or communist regime the same powerful people are rich forever.

Free market economies force rich people to keep working if they want to stay wealthy. If they don’t invest their money wisely it will all be used up in just a couple of generations. Mixed and command economies let the powerful take money from the masses. It doesn’t matter how good they are at serving customers. If they have connections they can keep the gravy train rolling.

Recent meltdowns in the financial markets have caused people to distrust the market. They are misidentifying the culprit. Nothing resembling a truly free market has existed in the United States for a long time. If they want to be mad at something, they should get pissed off at our inefficient, corrupt mixed economy.

Everybody hates Wall St. right? Had we let the market work, there would be no Wall St. They were going down. That is the beauty of the market. Business can’t survive unless people want what they offer. So when people complain about huge investment firms, they should not blame free market capitalism. They should take a look at the institution that kept them alive and gave them our money. The government.

Coincidentally, the same culprit that wastes our money on killing and spying around the world is also getting in the way of our material well being at home. We could tame the beast in one fell swoop; strip it of its power and be done with it. Defund it, defang it, and get  back to improving our lives.

The way to get this country back on track is really quite simple. Let those who can’t survive without government support go down. It is highly likely that bankers would be worse off than regular Joes. At least a regular Joe can swing a hammer or perform an oil change. All the money that was being diverted into Jaguars for portfolio managers will go towards services that we all actually want and need.

Equally as important is being messengers of peace. Without peace there can be no market. The same way that free markets can’t be saved by government intervention, peace can’t be imposed at the point of a gun. Peace must be brought about by intellectual means. Humans must be convinced that peace is in their own best interest. Most people have been convinced of that. If that wasn’t the case we’d all be getting attacked every time we left our house.

Peace, liberty, and markets. This is the solution to the problems that ail us. We can get the economy going again, get back to work, and spread prosperity around the world.

The alternative to this is what we currently have. People can’t make a living to feed their families. The powerful own the politicians who take money from us and give it to the rich. Kids and women are being tormented in foreign countries by pilotless planes raining hellfire on them.

Our mixed economy and our imperial foreign policy got us into this mess. Dismantling them can surely get us out.




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