WE Are Not The Government

It is common to hear people refer to things that “we” as a country have done. For example “we” send foreign aid to many dictators around the world. “We” now pay out welfare benefits to more than 40 million citizens. “We” have the highest prison population in the world. “We” are flying predator drones over third world-countries and blowing stuff up.

This is an inaccurate and misleading way to speak. It is a mistake to label actions taken by our government as actions that we have all taken part in. There are many people who strongly oppose particular government policies. Yet, because we all live in the same country, somehow we are held responsible for the actions of the others.

The world is made up only of individuals. Only individuals can take actions. It is only accurate to say “we” if the person speaking actually took part in the activity. Otherwise, it is more proper to say “them” or “they”.

Saying that “we” all did something removes responsibility from the person who actually did it. It sounds like we were all in it together. It wasn’t just that person. It was the whole country. If we’re going to blame somebody, blame the country, not the individuals.

This only muddles things up. Nobody can be held accountable. Are we going to put 300 million people in jail?

People usually have no idea what their government is up to. Without Wikileaks and Bradley Manning, we’d have no idea about the horrific level corruption, violence, and fraud being perpetrated by our military and diplomatic corps. Hilary Clinton regularly spied on foreign diplomats. Americans soldiers in helicopters flew over local markets and sprayed innocent civilians with gun fire.

Did “we” do that stuff? Or did specific individuals do it?

When a brave individual does try to inform the public, he gets thrown in jail and tortured without a trial. Why should we be held accountable, when we’re not even allowed to know what politicians are doing in our name.

People now talk about how “we” bailed out Wall St. and “we” might have to bail out Europe. B.S. I ain’t bailing out any of those people. Somebody else is doing it, but with my money.

It is also blurs reality to say other countries are doing certain things. For example, Iran is developing a nuclear weapon. That is not precisely correct. Certain people in Iran are trying to develop the weapon. Specific individuals in Iran have a problem with Israel. Obviously not everybody over there hates Jews because Iran has the largest Jewish population of any Muslim country.

What about China, the currency manipulator. Are the “Chinese” really the ones printing all the new money to keep their currency weak? Or is it their communist central bank? What percentage of the Chinese population actually has control over issues dealing with geopolitics?

Looking at the issue in this way sheds a lot of light on things. When things are done that you disagree with, instead of saying “we” are doing such and such a thing, call the people out by name. Real people took your money from you and are doing things that you hate with it. We should call it like it is.

The United States government has been pursuing a very aggressive military policy for a long time now. Their intervention in the Middle East has caused the Muslim world to hate Americans. The result has been suicide terrorist attacks, including the attack on September 11, 2001.

To say this is not to blame all Americans for what happened. I’m not saying that “we” brought it on “ourselves”. Most Americans didn’t even know what in the heck was going on. You can’t point the finger at somebody for something that they didn’t even know about. The fact is that certain individuals crafted and carried out policies that led to the 9/11 attacks. Those particular people should certainly be held accountable. In a perfect world they’d be stripped of power, tried in a court of law, and imprisoned for a very long time.

In order to escape scrutiny, they try to lump us all together. If somebody blames them for what they did, they call you an “America” hater. You’re saying that 9/11 was “America’s” fault. That is incorrect. It was the fault of specific  Americans, not all Americans. It was the fault of the government to be exact. To be more exact, the blame belongs to the Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and Bush II administrations for their policies in the Middle East.

The fact that we have a democratic republic means nothing. Once a person is in office they can do what they please. Under no circumstances should voters be blamed for a politician’s action unless they knowingly provide support for the specific action. Under those terms, very few Americans can be held directly responsible for government’s actions. People only know about a very tiny percentage of what actually goes on.

I’m not at war with anybody. No Iraqi, Afghani, Yemeni, Pakistani, Somalian, Ugandan, or Iranian has never harmed or threatened me in any way.  A bunch of Saudis did hijack the planes on 9/11, so I can say that I do have a beef with Saudi jihadists. The next time you say that “we’re” at war, please say “all of us except for Adam Pearson”, instead.

I’m not voluntarily supporting any people on welfare. I’m against all bailouts for big corporations. I don’t think the federal reserve should be printing money. I hate that the government  runs deficits. I’m dead set against the whole mixed economy idea.

I beg of you, don’t include me in your “we” if you plan to talk about these things. Say “everybody but Adam” is involved.

Of course, just because I’m passionately against something doesn’t mean that I’m not chipping in financially. Our system is such that even if you find some policy morally repugnant, you still have to pay for it.

At least by abandoning the whole idea of “we” it is easy to figure out who is robbing you.


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