IF the government has a job…….

It is my opinion that at least 99% of people are good. If you choose 100 individuals at random and interview them, you’ll find that almost all of them just want to live their life, love and be loved, make a little money, have a little fun, and co-exist peacefully with the rest of the world.

That leaves 1% (or less) of the population that are criminals. They rob, kill, rape, defraud, torture, and generally harass the good people of the world. I don’t consider drug use a crime because its victimless. Basically anybody who violates the property rights of others, and that includes fraud and non-compliance with contracts, and of course physical violence, should be looked upon and treated as a malcontent.

For 99% of the people in the world, no government is necessary. They don’t need to be forced to get along. They are peaceful and cooperative. If they were the only people living on earth, investing society’s scarce resources in a police force and government apparatus would be a total waste. Without government interference, the interchange of goods and services on the free market would provide us all with increasing material wealth. Things would be great.

However, that is not the world we live in. That dastardly felonious minority is all too real. This makes the use of force necessary. When crimes are committed, victims have a right to defend themselves using violence. They also have the right to use force to exact reparations from the hooligan that did them wrong.

Throughout history, people have given, or governments have taken, the exclusive legal right to use violence in a given territorial area. The theory has been that the government will protect us from the criminal class. That way the rest of us can spend less time worrying about protecting ourselves against aggression and more time pursuing happiness.

When something bad happens, we can call the police. They’ll come out and protect us and take away the law breaker. If somebody rips us off we can take them to court and they’ll be forced to pay us back what they stole.

This all seemed, and to many still seems, to be working swimmingly. But something bad happened along the way. Everybody became so dependent on the government to take care of them that they stopped worrying about the government itself. After all, the government is made up of living breathing people. These fallible human beings have been given the exclusive moral and legal authority to use violence. What happens if the criminals join the government? What happens if once good people, influenced by their extraordinary power, are morphed into delinquents?

Indeed, this is exactly what has happened time and time again. All over the world, throughout history, politicians and dictators have either been elected to the government or have seized the reigns of government. Once in power they do whatever the hell they please. Nobody can stop them because citizens have all but abandoned their own right to defend themselves.

Hitler, Stalin, Kim Jong Ill, Mao Zedong, and Pol Pot, to name a few, are some famous dictators who have seized governments and gone buck wild, in a violent way, on their countrymen. It is easy enough to look at them and say “Yup, sure thing, government is out of control.” In most cases it is much harder to look at a government and determine whether it has converted from protector class to criminal class.

To make it easy on you, I’ll spare you the suspense. By the very nature of the power given to government, it must always devolve into a criminal organization. The historical record is clear. The protective service that government is supposed to provide is slowly abandoned over time. As that happens more and more governmental energy is spent on crime. Sometimes the crime is outright violence, but nowadays its mostly a slow and steady swindle operation.

Here in the Untied States, we had an important movement called the Civil Rights movement. Blacks were being violently brutalized across the South. The state and local governments, instead of doing their job and protecting citizens, decided to get in on the act. They outdid all other criminals in the violence that they perpetrated against innocent people.

The federal government, instead of doing its job, stood by and did nothing. Actually, that’s not exactly true. They started the war in Vietnam during that time, which led to the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent people in a far-off land. That was a stone cold act of crime, to be sure.

Finally, after years and years of civil disobedience by the citizenry, the government started providing a token amount of protection for blacks in the South.

Imagine you own a business and you have this employee. You give him one simple job to do. Its not even a very big job. It makes up less than 1% of the work that needs to be done. In the beginning he does an alright job, nothing to give him raise over. Then, you start to notice a change in his attitude. Instead of doing the job you gave him, he starts doing all of this other stuff around the shop. He’s working overtime but only on stuff you never asked him to do. Then, money starts missing from the register. One day, you tear him a new one. You scream and shout and let loose all manner of hysterics. Finally, he does a little bit of the original job that you hired him for, but only in a half-assed way. Meanwhile, money is still disappearing, and all of the other things he’s doing are driving your business into the ground.

Do you really need this employee? After all, the job that needs to be done is minuscule, less than 1% of the workload. Wouldn’t you be better off without the bum? Just do the job yourself for crying out loud!

To sum up, a tiny, tiny part of society’s resources are needed to fight crime. The overwhelming amount of people cooperate peacefully and productively simply because its in their own best interest to do so. We’ve tried letting the government handle the law and order problem. Even though its a proportionately small problem, they’ve done a really awful job managing it. In fact, they’ve actually become the crime problem! Since their job performance has been so poor, we ought to fire them.

We can handle the crime problem ourselves. Since 99% of us (or more) are good, we can easily subdue the other 1% (or less). We’ll just let ’em know that if they break the law, there’ll be hell to pay.

In practical terms that means that some company, a private company, will be paid to protect us. If they do a bad job, we’ll cancel the monthly credit card payment (can’t do that with the government). If they do a good job, they’ll make tons of money. In the meantime, be prepared to take them down if they get out of line.


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