Working 4 Jobs

I keep getting offered jobs and I feel obligated to accept them. We are living through tough economic times, the future is unsure, and I’m trying to make money while I can.

As the man of my family and the primary bread winner, I can’t shake the feeling that I should be doing all that I can to provide.

There is another issue as well. As a libertarian, I find it immoral to ever take a government handout. I will never accept unemployment insurance, disability, social security, medicare, or any other welfare money. To do so would be akin to theft and I refuse to steal.

Here is the list of jobs that I am working:

Staff Accountant for Maranon Chocolate
Staff Accountant for NTSI Corp
Staff Accountant Operation Homefront
Algebra 1 Tutor

Total hours worked per week (Including Saturday): 60

My hope is that this will inspire readers to work hard to earn a living instead of living off of the government dime. If you have a government job, you should quit it. Working in private industry is the only moral way to make money.

I spend at least an additional 2 hours per day on what I consider to be my calling: studying the benefits of peace and free markets. When you add that to the 60 hours calculated above, it comes out to roughly 74  hours of productive work per week.

We live in a one bedroom condo in an affordable area. Our expenses are low. We’re able to save about 25% of our gross income.

If I made more I could work less. The easiest way to do that would be to work for the government. Government accountants can make $100,000 per year. Never again will I do that.  Working for the Department of Defense is what turned me libertarian in the first place.

Hard work tires you out, but its a good tired. You earn your keep and you don’t rob anybody in the process.


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