On Having Purpose

Last night I felt happy, truly happy. I worked all day, went to a bible study with my wife, chatted with some co-congregationalists, and before going to bed I read about the emergence of laissez-faire thought in 17th century France. A perfect day, really.

It dawned on me this morning that my life has purpose. I have a reason for being. The world would be a worse place without me because there are things that I am uniquely suited to do. This gives me a great incentive to hop out of bed every morning and go forth into the world.

So, what exactly is my purpose? Am I sure enough about it to put it in writing? I think I am.

My reasons for being are three.

1. Family: To be a good husband and family member. Provide material support for my household. Support my wife in her intellectual and spiritual endeavors. Be a good son and friend to my mother. Be a solid business partner and confidant for my father. Be a sounding board, business partner, and trusted companion for my brother. Hopefully be a good father and guide for a child at some point in the future.

2. Moral: To prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that good guys can finish first. To be a man of integrity. To not sacrifice my values no matter the temporary benefit. To never lie, cheat, or steal. To lead by example. To be charitable when charity is needed. To be firm when firmness of character is required. To always fight for justice and to proclaim boldly and fearlessly when injustice is occurring.

3. Intellectual: To fully understand and effectively communicate the benefits of peace and free markets. To read and write as much as I can about these topics. To promote the advancement of  liberty and human civilization.

If I don’t do these things, I simply can’t be sure that they’ll be done by somebody else. But to imagine a world in which somebody isn’t striving for these ends is intolerable.

Therefore it is my pleasure to work all day on these things and go to bed happy. I’m needed in the world. My goals call to me.

Do you know what your purpose in life is? Try to figure it out. Its the key to happiness.



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