On Being A Plant Based Vegan

About a year ago I stopped eating all animal products. No more meat. No more dairy. No fish. Nothing. Just fruits and vegetables, and occasionally some Ezekiel bread with an avocado on it.

My decision was made for health reasons only. I have no particular affinity for animals. I don’t dislike animals. Dogs and cats are nice. From what I understand bears are pretty frightening. I heard about a dear causing a huge car wreck right up the street from my house. Can’t say I care for that.

In any event, my wife started visiting a Chinese doctor some time back. He recommended that a vegan diet would really help her with some of her health issues. She gave it a go. I observed and was impressed.

After about six months of my wife eating a vegan diet, we watched a pair of documentaries that made quite an impact on me. I don’t remember the exact names any more but they were all about the Gerson family. Max Gerson discovered that he could cure most forms of cancer using a vegetable juiced based treatment. Albert Schweitzer said of him “I see in Dr. Max Gerson one of the most eminent geniuses in the history of medicine.” You can look it up if you have some time.

A couple of facts that clinched the decision for me were as follows:

1. Fruits and vegetables have almost all of the vitamins and minerals that your body needs in extraordinary abundance. Eating other foods is wasting calories. You want to get the biggest nutritional impact per calorie possible. Cutting out bread, meat, and dairy allows you to stuff yourself with the good stuff.

2. Human’s don’t appear to be well suited for digesting meat. Unlike well known carnivorous species such as lions, human beings have a long and round about intestinal tract. Since meat is not easy for the body to break down, it tends to linger inside of us for a long time. To the contrary, a lion has an intestinal tract that goes straight from the mouth right on back to the tuchus. They eat the prey, it passes through, they get big and strong, etc.

3. Meat has no fiber. This is related to the above point about meat not being well digested in the human body. But also, I’ve read that fiber is a really good marker for whether a food is healthy. When all fails, look to the fiber. Yes, cereals, breads and other types of foods have a lot of fiber. However, they lack all of the vitamins and minerals found in fruits and vegetables. Plants are also extremely high in fiber and they are highly nutritious.

4. Beans and broccoli are exceptionally high in protein. Like everybody, I was worried about being protein deficient if I were to give up meat. Turns out that certain plant foods have tons of protein.

We completely gave up salt for a while too, which was surprisingly easy. We eat a little salt now, but not much.

We also take vitamin B12 pills because it is my understanding that only meat has B12.

Before changing to this style of eating, I literally ate a quesadilla and a bowl of ice cream  every weak night. Even though I am naturally tall and skinny, I was starting to pack on some pounds. Unfortunately, I was also starting to feel like and old, young man. Eating poorly was taking a toll on my body. My bad cholesterol wasn’t in the danger zone yet but it was approaching it.

After 6 months of eating an almost completely plant based diet, with no salt, I lost 18 ponds. My bad cholesterol dropped 30 points while my good cholesterol went up slightly.

After more than a year on this diet, I can honestly say that I feel great. I plan to continue eating this way forever.

Here is what we eat on a daily basis in case you want to try this out for yourself.

Breakfast: Bowl of oatmeal with apples, bananas, and blueberries.

Mid-morning snack: Avocado sandwich on Ezekiel bread with mustard.

Lunch: Huge helping of vegetable soup and a huge salad.

Mid-afternoon snack: An apple and a banana.

Dinner: Huge helping of vegetable soup and a huge salad.

Desert: Fruit with almond milk, honey, and nuts.


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