Chinese, Mexican, and Iranian People are as Important as Americans

I feel a little silly even having to express my opinion on this matter. Of course Chinese, Mexican, and Iranian people are as important as Americans. Everybody knows that and agrees, right?

Its just that over the last few years, I hear a lot of people complaining. They’re complaining about Chinese and Mexican people stealing American jobs. They’re accusing Iran of being a doomsday nation. As a result these people have been on the receiving end of a barrage sanctions and accusations.

But let me tell you something, nobody can choose where they are born. You get assigned your parents and your birthplace. You come into this world and you are just there. To mark people as inferior based on nothing more than mere coincidence is the height of ignorance.

My parents chose to live in San Diego a long time before I was conceived. Therefore, I was born and subsequently raised in San Diego. Does that arbitrary fact mean that I should look down my nose at all non San Diegans? Is it okay for me to deny jobs to, and blockade the ports of, the rest of the country?

American or non-American, I use only two criteria to judge a person. Of course this is hypothetical because I’ll never meet very many Chinese people living in China or Iranians living in Iran.

1. Is the person peaceful? If the answer is yes, regardless of country or creed, the person is good in my book. If the answer is no, the person is a bum in my eyes.

2. Does the person work hard to support their family? If yes, you’re good despite nationality or religion. If no, you’re bad.

Where a person lives has nothing whatsoever to do with their value as a human being.

Of course, a person may live somewhere where the government is particularly objectionable. But people really have no control over the government. Governments do what they want. It is senseless to punish a person for living under an oppressive government. Haven’t they already suffered enough?

For that reason, I have no problem at all buying Chinese goods. If an American loses a job to a Chinese worker, so what? Of course, I’d prefer that they both have high paying, productive jobs. But if they are both equally good people, why shouldn’t the person who offers more value (better product at a better price) get the business?

Along the same lines, fastening sanctions on the Iranian people is a completely immoral act. Most of the people over there are peaceful and just trying to take care of their family. Why should every day Iranians be cut off from doing business with the rest of the world? Why should they be denied gasoline? It is the regular people who will suffer most. The powerful in that country have enough money to pay bribes and continue living comfortably.

Let us not forget about Mexicans who come to the United States to work. Yes, a  lot of them come over illegally. But if they are peaceful and willing to work hard for honest pay, why make them out to be villains? If it is because they get welfare and send their kids to the public schools, just cut off those services for non-citizens.

Do not, however, complain about Mexicans stealing American jobs. Do jobs have nationalities? I thought a job was work that needs to be done. If an illegal Mexican worker will do a better job for a better price, more power to them. I say bienvenido! They aren’t inferior people just because they came from a different place.

The place where a person is born doesn’t define a person. The quality of their character and their actions define them.

There are a lot of wonderful people no matter where you go in the world. You can find scumbags everywhere too. But just because a person is from a country that you’ve heard bad things about doesn’t make them inferior.

Keep that in mind next time you talk about people from foreign countries. Especially don’t forget it if you want America to take violent action against a foreign people.


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