Free Markets Require Just One Rule

Free markets require just one rule: all human action must be voluntary. That’s it. Its so simple.

Yet, from this humble rule, mighty implications can be developed. If all action is to be voluntary, aggressive force must be prohibited. If a person is forced to do something, they are no longer acting voluntarily.

Property rights must be strictly enforced. If all actions are to be voluntary, each person must be the owner of their own property. Otherwise, decisions regarding the use of property would violate the principal of volunteerism. Community property could be used in a way that not everybody agrees with. Individuals could have their property stolen and used in a way that they find disagreeable.

All subsidies would need to be cut off immediately. If a person wants to give money to a company, they are free to do it. Individuals may not, however, take property forcefully from one group of people in order to give it to another group.

Tariffs would need to be eliminated immediately. A transaction between two people in different countries would be their business and nobody else’s. If neither side voluntarily agrees to give their money to a custom’s agent, the custom agent would have no legitimate recourse for obtaining the money.

Taxes must be voluntary. If a truly free market is to exist, taxes, and therefore government itself, would have to be voluntary. Unless a person is pleased enough with governmental services to voluntarily pay dues, the government would have no right to take taxes by force.

Of course, the corollary to this is that no individual can receive government services that they haven’t paid for. Nobody could force rich people to pay for the public services of everybody else.

Rich people could only get rich by selling goods and services that people actually want. On the free market, there can be no making money or being wealthy by lobbying politicians for special benefits. Military contracts would be out of the window. Government educational contracts to textbook makers would be done away with as well. Only quality products and excellent customer service will make you rich.

Defense services would have to provided on a voluntary basis. Each individual would have to sign up and pay for a police service if they want police protection. Otherwise, each individual can worry about their own protection. Military conscription is in extreme contradiction to free markets.

Frauds and scams violate the volunteerism principal. If a person buys a product under false pretenses, they can not be said to have voluntarily bought what was delivered to them. There must be repercussions for this type of action.

People can be whatever they want to be. You can be rich, poor, gay, straight, Jew, Christian, Muslim, fat, skinny, nerdy, or chic. As long as you allow everybody else the latitude to act voluntarily, you will be left to do the same.

Human interactions on the free market are the results of mutual consent and mutual benefit. People wouldn’t act voluntarily unless they perceive a benefit.

Because each individual builds up their own life and develops their own social interactions in a completely voluntary manner, the free market provides the best and most moral way for each and every person to live the life they want, without infringing on other people’s right to do the same.




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