The Health Care Decision Is Trivial

The big news story over the last couple of days has been the Supreme Court’s decision on Obamacare. The focus is on whether the mandate provision in the Affordable Healthcare Act is constitutional. If the act is upheld, Americans will be forced to buy health insurance. If the act is struck down as unconstitutional, Americans will be free to decide whether they want to buy health insurance or not.

I’d like to care more about this particular issue, but I don’t. Why? Because however this issue turns out, the legislators will be right back at it figuring out new and innovative ways to interfere with people’s lives.

If the act is approved, we’ll all be forced to buy health insurance. Add it to the list of hundreds of other things we’re forced to do.

If the act is rejected, the politicians will change a few words in the language and put it forward again. They’ll keep doing it until something sticks.

This healthcare issue really is small potatoes. Its merely a symptom of a much bigger problem. Another symptom is that 9 appointed government officials, 3,000 miles away from where I live, get to decide my fate. Nine people will substitute their wills for the wills of 300 million Americans who are supposed to be free.

I truly don’t believe that those 9 individuals know whats best for me and my countrymen. I don’t think that they’re smarter than us. I don’t think that they’re wiser than us. All they know about are laws. But the laws are the problem. They are brilliant at a discipline that makes things worse. That is stupidity in my opinion. To be an expert at a flawed science, which makes everybody worse off, is the pinnacle of wasted effort.

Why should we all be bound by what the Supreme Court says? Why can’t I judge for myself what to do with my life, my property, and my liberty?

The issue is not healthcare. The issue is liberty. Who is going to make the decisions around here? Are the people going to decide for themselves how to live their lives  or are the legislators to decide for us? Are we inanimate clay, to be molded by the sculptors of society? Or are we living, breathing, rational beings, with free will, and practical knowledge?

I’m against pre-emptive war. I’m against subsidies. I’m against encroachment on our civil liberties. I’m against printing money. I’m against government managed entitlement programs. I’m against a huge, unproductive bureaucracy weighing down our economy. I’m against mortgaging our future by issuing mountains and mountains of debt that we’ll never be able to pay back.

I’m for liberty. Liberty is the antidote to the disease that ails us.

With liberty we  decide for ourselves who we do and don’t want to do business with. With liberty we decide for ourselves how best to provide for our families. With liberty we can be charitable when charity is needed. With liberty we can provide a better future for our children. With liberty we can enjoy the fruits of our labor. With liberty we can develop peaceful relationships with foreign peoples.

But liberty cannot exist side by side with thousands and thousands of laws that regulate every detail of how we live our lives.

The issues is not healthcare. The issue is liberty.

Shall humans be free to live peaceful and productive lives in the style of their own choosing? Or shall the will of legislators and unelected judges in far off places determine our future?

Look past the latest news cycle and strive to comprehend the nature of the problem. The disease is a lack of liberty. Being forced to buy healthcare is just the latest symptom.


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