When You’ve Got A Lot On Your Mind…..

Yesterday, a little website that I put up offering accounting services produced another client. The website cost me $70 and two hours to produce. My wife forced me to put it up. I’m glad she did.

There’s only one problem. I’m not sure that I want another accounting client. I’ve already got three big accounting clients and I tutor Algebra in the evenings. I don’t really need the money or want the stress of having to manage another relationship.

On the other hand, I know that my wife wants to learn how to be a bookkeeper. If the website keeps producing, we can get a little family business going. If I start turning away business, I have a bad feeling that it could ruin my reputation in our little community.

In tough economic times, too many clients is certainly a good problem to have. I’m not complaining. I just have to think it through.

At the same time, my business partner, my dad, will be going out of the country for a month on business. I’ll have to manage his affairs and mine here at the home office. That will be a lot of extra work.

We’re taking a family trip soon that we need to finish planning. Bills need to be paid. Our weekend is fully booked with social activity.

There is a lot on my mind. All good things, just an abundance of them.

As I was laying in bed last night rehashing my to do list and having trouble falling asleep, I decided that I’d execute my sure fire trick for solving busy brain syndrome.

Get up super early and work.

Some trick huh? You feel overwhelmed and so you get up early and work?

Nothing eases your mind more than knowing that things are under control. The best way to get things under control is to work on them. Hence, the best way to deal with an overloaded to do list is to get up early and start crossing items off of that sucker.

By the time 9:00am rolls around you will have peace of mind. If you start work at 5:15am and work your butt of for three and a half hours, I guarantee you that whatever was bothering you will become much more palatable.

After doing just such a thing this morning, I feel refreshed. I’ve decided that absolutely, yes, I will take on the new accounting client. He is an architect and should be a pretty interesting guy to work with.

I’ll delegate some of the work to my wife so that she can learn accounting. As more accounting clients come my way, I’ll just keep on picking them up and delegating the work. Little by little we’ll build our business.

Also, after working and thinking for a few hours, I feel really good about our family chocolate business. I’m excited to see what transpires on my dad’s trip. I have a much better idea about how to organize my days while he is on the road.

It looks like I’ll have to spend a few hundred more bucks on our vacation. I’m not thrilled about it, but at least I know where we stand.

Another bit of good news is that my mom’s website may have produced a sales commission for me yesterday.

So, all in all, it was a very good morning. The sun is just up and now I can get on with my regular day.

Next time you have too much on your plate, get up early and do some hard work.


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