Immigration: Open The Borders And End Welfare

I was born and raised in San Diego, CA about 15 minutes from the Mexican border. In southern California, being around Mexican people is a way of life. The children of Mexican immigrants attend the public schools. Mexican people work side by side with non-mexicans in almost every profession. There is a taco shop on every block. You can go through whole neighborhoods and not here a single word of English spoken by anybody. It is fantastic.

A lot of Americans complain about how many Mexican immigrants come to the United States. Such people want a fence along the border to keep Mexicans out. They want illegal immigrants deported immediately and permanently. They complain about Mexicans stealing American jobs, sending Mexican kids to American public schools, taking advantage of the healthcare system, resisting assimilation, and bringing drugs and violence into the country.

I’ve never understood the hostility towards Mexican people. If they’re just coming over here to work and make a better life for their families, what’s the problem? Perhaps people have a hard time understanding the nature of labor.

When work is done, the world becomes a better place. If you have long grass and a Mexican gardener cuts it for you, your life has just improved. If you are hungry and a worker cooks you a meal, you can eat. If your house is ugly and you hire somebody to paint it, the neighborhood becomes prettier. It is precisely because work improves conditions that people get paid to do work.

Therefor, anybody who works hard makes the world a better place. Who cares where the person is from? The more hard workers who come to the country, the better. If Mexicans, Nigerians, Syrians, Iraqis, Iranian, Guatemalans, Somalians, Ethiopians, Chinese, Indians, or whoever else wants to come over here and bust their butt, I say let them.

Even if they’ve come over illegally, if they’re working hard and not committing any crimes, let them stay. It is to the benefit of everybody.

But what of the free government services they receive? Isn’t that a drag on the economy? It sure is. Its a terrible drag.

Welfare should be ended not just for Mexican people but for everybody. Welfare is immoral in that it violently takes property from one person in order to give it to another. Welfare incentivizes the wrong type of behavior. It gives people the ability to enjoy the fruits of hard work without having to actually make any effort. It also gives the government an excuse to intervene in the economy and muck things up.

Don’t blame Mexicans for a bad system of government that they didn’t create. Stop giving out welfare to everybody, including immigrants, and only hard working foreigners will make the journey to the United States. This is a great benefit. Every single hard working person that comes to our country will make the economy better and improve our standard of living.

Offering welfare to immigrants will ensure that a large portion of them will not be of the hard working, productive type. These are precisely the people that we don’t want coming over here.

But won’t Mexicans sneak in drugs if we open up the border? Probably. They do it now without open borders.

However, blaming Mexicans for the drug problem is misguided. Drugs are brought into this country because Americans want drugs. If Shakespeare plays were illegal and Americans had an insatiable demand for reading Hamlet, we’d have play lords instead of drug lords. There would be printers in the Colombian jungle running off millions of copies of books and mules would be hired to take them across the border.

An article on the idiocy of the War on Drugs will have to wait for another time. Suffice it to say that any product that is heavily demanded will be supplied. If the product is illegal, it will be supplied by the black market. Any laws or regulations that try extinguish this human phenomenon are futile.

To this point we’ve been talking a lot about Mexican immigrants and the great benefit they offer to society. But let me mention a couple of other ethnic groups that make America a much better place.

In San Diego, there is a huge Somali population. In fact, my neighbor in the last house we lived in was Somalian. He worked in a Sony warehouse during the day and drove a taxi at night. Many of the taxi drivers in San Diego are Somali. His family was Muslim and they had a big party on Ramadan which they ended promptly at 10:00pm so as to be good neighbors. (I can’t say the same for the American college students who lived on the other side of our house). His name was Abdul and he was a great guy. Lets get some more Somalis over here. All we have to do is open the borders and they’ll come.

Recently I went to a gas station to buy some sunflower seeds. When I got to the counter, I realized that I had forgotten my wallet. The man behind the counter asked me what was going on. I told him. He said “Just go ahead and take them, my gift to you”. I thanked him and asked him where he was from. He was Syrian. We talked about what was going on in his country with the uprisings. He still has family over there. I thanked him and left. As I rode my bike home I thought “I love Syrian people. We need more of those guys over here!”

Let us never forget that the United States is truly a country of immigrants. I know now that my family is from Polish descent on my mom’s side and German descent on my dad’s side. The first Americans from my family got here less than 150 years ago. Such is the case with most of people living in the US. It is people from foreign lands that built up this nation and made it great.

The more hard working foreign people we let in, the better our country will be.


2 Responses to Immigration: Open The Borders And End Welfare

  1. G. says:

    This entire article was a load of BS. There are so many comments to make it is hard to pinpoint where, exactly, to start! One good word of advise, lose your ‘Pollyana’ Goggles and see things as they really are not as it would be nice for them to be. Americans are suffering (have been since the first Bush stepped into officee) and will work those same jobs that you say we should so freely give to illegals. I’m all for legal immigration; however, anything illegal is just that ‘illegal’ and must be dealt with in a proper manner. Illegals should be deported and their children born here should have their illegally obtained citizenship revoked or altered to reflect their origin status – requiring them to apply for full citizenship once they turn 18. There’s so much more but I will stop here. Americans rise up before it’s too late and you are outnumbered, outpowered and out of hope.

  2. I stand by my article. However, I do appreciate you taking the time to respond. We will have to agree to disagree. For the sake of potential future readers, I highly encourage you to expound on your critique of my position. That way, anybody who comes to this page in the future will have more information with which to develop their own viewpoint.



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