Violating The Constitution In Order To Save It?

On page 390 of The Creature from Jekyll Island, A Second Look at the Federal Reserve by G. Edward Griffin, we read the following:

“Lincoln believed that he had to violate a part of the Constitution in order to save the whole. But that is dangerous reasoning. It can be used in almost any national crisis as the excuse for the expansion of totalitarian power. There is no reason to believe that the only way to save the Union was to scrap the Constitution. In fact, if the Constitution had been meticulously observed from the very beginning, the Southern minority could never have been legally plundered by the Norther majority and there would have been no movement for secession in the first place. And, even if there had been, a strict reading of the Constitution at that point could have led the way to an honorable and peaceful settlement of differences. The result would have been, not only the preservation of the Union without war, but Americans would be enjoying far less government intervention in their daily lives today.”

The government should at the very least have to follow its own laws at all times, right?


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