The Big Banks’ 8 Step Plan for Creating the Federal Reserve

In the year 1910, at J.P. Morgan’s private duck hunting resort on Jekyll Island, Georgia, the world’s most powerful bankers cooked up an 8 part plan for bringing the Federal Reserve into existence. On page 438 of The Creature from Jekyll Island, A Second Look at the Federal Reserve by G. Edward Griffin, we find the following steps:

“1. Do not call it a cartel or even a central bank.

2. Make it look like a government agency.

3. Establish regional branches to create the appearance of decentralization, not dominated by Wall Street banks.

4. Begin with a conservative structure including many sound banking principles knowing that the provisions can be quietly altered or removed in subsequent years.

5. Use the anger caused by recent panics and bank failures to create popular demand for monetary reform.

6. Offer the Jekyll Island plan as though it were in response to that need.

7. Employ university professors to give the plan the appearance of academic approval.

8. Speak out against the plan to convince the public that Wall Street bankers do not want it.”

The plan worked. The Federal Reserve act was passed in 1913 and the Federal Reserve has been creating inflation in order to bail out Wall St. ever since.


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