Are Social Security Laws Moral?

In his essay The Myth of the Perfect Solution, written in 1973, Ridgway K. Foley Jr. writes the following:

“Am I better qualified, by intrinsic worth, brains, or talent, to judge how my neighbor should conduct his life, even in the smallest particular? Stated in these terms, a negative rejoinder seems prudent. Yet, I violate that conclusion every time I coerce my neighbor into paying Social Security against his will. Recognize that I may have his best interests at heart: he does not spend his money wisely and I fear he will wind up a destitute and unhappy old man. Besides, Social Security really costs him very little and this represents, indeed, a small particular since I leave my neighbor his freedom in other arenas. Notwithstanding these rationalizations, no circumstance justifies my ordering my neighbor’s destiny, even in minute instances, save one: to prevent the use of force and fraud against free men and for the promotion and administration of common justice. In fact, it is the height of arrogance for me to even claim the privilege of making this decision for my neighbor. Of course, logic patently demonstrates that if I am not individually privileged to restrain my neighbor, neither am I entitled to coerce him by banding together with my fellows, either to form a majority or a ruling claque. Action under the imprimatur of majority rule may soothe the superficial conscience, but it renders the evil deed no less evil.”

Read the entire essay here,


One Response to Are Social Security Laws Moral?

  1. Abandon TV says:

    The same argument on youtube…

    Let’s Make a Deal

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