Individualism in a Free Society

On page 28 of the book Ideas On Liberty, Essays in Honor of Paul L. Poirot,  essayist Ridgway K. Foley, ]r. writes the following:

“Individualism, in its pure sense, recognizes the inherent, unlimited right to create one’s “castle in the clouds” sans adherence to any scholastic governor, without sanction for heresy or apostasy. Properly construed, the philosophy of the volunteer, of the individualist, comprises the most tolerant of all human conditions: Absent aggressive and deceitful conduct, each individual enjoys the inherent right and power to extend his vision to the heights and depths of his desires. The open texture of individual action flows spontaneously, without preconceived ends: The majority may consider the dreamer foolish, wasteful, or goofy, but his quest remains unhindered.”


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