Freedom and the Respect for Life

In his essay Rx for Political Peace a Quiet Internal Revolution, written in 1973, Ridgway K. Foley Jr. writes the following:

“Respect for human life under-girds the freedom ideal. The libertarian concept of freedom derives from the belief that each individual has the right to self-determine his existence, to the extent permitted by his finite nature, absent any man-concocted restraints, save those necessary to assure an equal right to every other person. Each man forms an end in himself, not an object to be used or engineered by other beings possessing a monopoly of force. It is the acme of arrogance to suggest that A is better suited by nature, talent, or motivation to live B’s life for him in even the most minute particulars. From this fundamental right we can discern the transcendent rights of liberty and property: a man cannot chart his life’s course if he is not free to choose among the widest range of alternatives, and if he is not free to keep, donate, exchange or destroy the value (property) which he has created or acquired from others in willing exchange.”

Read the entire essay here,


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