Justice and Liberty

In his essay In Quest of Justice, written in 1974, Ridgway K. Foley Jr. writes the following:

Thus, we can define justice as respect for free choice. Justice demands that no man interfere with choices affecting the life, liberty, or property of another human being by coercion, fraud, or duress. Each man must be left free to determine his own destiny, to seek his own goals, to live his own life as he sees fit. No one can effectively live a life for another and none should try to do so. Spoken in another manner, each individual should always treat other human beings as human beings, never as objects. To treat a person as a person compels the actor to respect the essential humanity of his fellows, and that essential humanity can be defined as one’s right to choose. Each person exists as a child of God, and deserves that treatment and respect which should be reserved for the Creative Energy underlying creation, whether termed a personal God or an impersonal natural law.

Justice obligates man to eschew violence and to stress attraction.’ Human beings may justifiably employ force in limited circumstances: to repel invasion, to quell insurrection, to impede the imposition of force and fraud upon unwilling combatants, and to settle disputes. Writ large, force should only be utilized to parry force. “Might does not make right” underlies the whole proposition. Moreover, one should only employ that amount of force necessary to discourage or rebuff the violence initially practiced; any greater application represents a coercive intervention into the arena which must be left unfettered to the choice-making apparatus of free men.”

Read the entire essay here, http://www.thefreemanonline.org/features/in-quest-of-justice/.


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