Is Commercialism the Ultimate Achievement of Humanity?

I just read this article,

A man named James left this comment in response:

“The author of this article has no clue as to the variety of leftist opinions ! Being that I am pressed for time,and I am not a writer who can do justice to this topic in a short period of time;I am going to suggest that anyone reading this google ‘Michael Parenti.”

Parenti is a great Representative of the vast complexity of leftist thought.

The idea that commercialism is the ultimate achievement of humanity,and all of societies ills can be cured via ”free market”commercialism is beyond absurd ! Life was not created by market activity,thus we should not expect our lives and cultures to take on moral and spiritual significance via the market and or commercialism.There is a vast difference between freedom and commercialism ! Sadly,thanks to the singular minded propaganda of so many conservatives  America as a whole no longer seems to understand the difference between free market capitalism, ie commercialism, and genuine freedom which is both made possible and at the same time tempered by democracy.

Here is my response. (Note: I don’t consider myself a conservative and therefor am not defending conservatism in my response. Also, I’ve edited my comment for spelling.):

“In response to the comment above: Usually when a libertarian refers to the market or a market society, it is not a reference to commercialism per se. It is rather a description of a free society in which relationships and interactions are consummated on a voluntary basis. This includes commercial interactions, but is certainly not limited to them.

In that light, it is obvious that the author, and libertarians in general, do not view commercialism as the ultimate achievement of humanity. The ultimate achievement, could it be achieved, would be a free, peaceful, and prosperous world . Commercial transactions are a subset of the overall vision, which is a world in which all interpersonal relations are voluntary. This concept is not hard to grasp which makes it clear that the person above is trying to set up a straw man argument.

As to the conformity of thought on the left, I can’t say that I’m familiar with much leftist literature, but I do know that all leftist programs (and many rightist ones as well) involve government coercion. This does not and cannot conform with a truly free society. That is the crux of the libertarian position.”


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